The Darryl Chapman Award for Health Promotion: Sarah Moss

Congratulations to Sarah Moss on receiving the Darryl Chapman Award for Health Promotion at the Heroes Awards.

Sarah is a true inspiration and a fabulous leader. Testament to that is the number of both internal and professional compliments she has received.

Sarah said of the Award:

“When my nomination write up and name was announced I felt really emotional and surprised as everyone in the room are all heroes for Achieve together. The write up was beautifully written and made me feel proud and recognised for all I try to achieve”.

A true leader with a caring nature Sarah is exemplary in all that she does, no matter how challenging the situation is.

Sarah and her team were exceptional in supporting a young lady with end of life care. Sarah not only was there for all the team, but helped the family through the toughest time of their lives.

Sarah said:

“I’m proud and I enjoy giving my all to Arrowe Hall to help be part of a team that can make a difference to the people we support. No two days are the same and each day I go home and feel like I have achieved something productive to making our four company values happen”.

Sarah is loved my all that meet her and is a born natural for this role.

Sarah said on being presented with the Award:

“To listen to Michael explain the reasoning behind the naming of the award was a testimony to Daryl and all he accomplished. Daryl was a true inspiration to the company, so for me to win this award is an honour”.

A true hero and very well deserving winner of this Award, well done Sarah.


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