Transgender, non-binary, gender exploring, and gender diverse

At Achieve together, creating an inclusive space for all individuals is central to our support. Core to our approach is recognition – recognition for who the individuals we support are and who they are becoming. This means those who are transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, or are gender exploring can find a safe space at Achieve together to be who they are meant to be. We will be there every step of the way to support and inform.

What is transgender, non-binary, or gender exploring?

When someone totally identifies with their gender assigned at birth they are considered cisgender. Not everybody feels as though their mind connects or resonates with their physical body or gender given at birth. This can be experienced, expressed and manifest in varying ways for each individual. When an individual feels this way they could be described under the umbrella term as gender diverse.

Everybody’s journey and experience with gender is unique. Some individuals may need to explore their gender, or do not have or identify with a gender. Others are transgender and need to transition to feel connected to their body. Some individuals, such as those who identify as non-binary, may not experience gender within the gender binary. There are no set rules surrounding gender, only the need to be happy and at peace with themselves.

How can we help?

Autistic people and those who have a mental health condition and/or a learning disability, who are also transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, or are gender exploring present with needs different than cisgender individuals, which necessitates a specialist approach. Our expertise was developed through research, training and collaboration with the transgender and non-binary community and medical professionals.

At Achieve together we provide a safe and accepting community for every individual under our support. Our specialist service has proven that transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, and gender exploring individuals succeed when their specific and complex needs are directly met. Individuals who have previously failed to progress are now achieving goals on a daily basis.

We actively encourage and support people who are transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, or are gender exploring, to access, integrate into, and maintain their connections with the LGBTQ+ community and networks. We act as the link between such communities and services who can offer additional specialised support to our underrepresented individuals who may otherwise find difficulty in accessing this support independently due to their complex needs. These vital links help to create a safe space that empowers people we support who, often marginalised, are transgender, non-binary, and gender exploring, to live a more independent and fulfilled life.


To read our easy-read transgender booklet created with Choice Support and CHANGE click here. 

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