The Transforming Care programme and Achieve together


What is the Transforming Care programme?

Transforming care is all about improving health and care services so that more people can live in the community, with the right support, and close to home. This means that fewer people will need to go to the hospital for their care.

Transforming care is enabled through a national plan in the UK called ‘Building the right support’ (October 2015), and there are 48 transforming care partnerships (TCPs) across England to support this.

How does Achieve together support the Transforming Care programme?

At Achieve together, we’re proud to be one of the stakeholders working to support the ambitions of the Transforming Care programme and its drive towards homes, not hospitals.

With over 400 homes around England and Wales, we enable people to live independently in their local neighbourhoods, close to family, friends, and the things that they love.

More than homes and services

We provide homes and services in the community that are purpose-built to meet the needs of autistic people and those with learning disabilities.

Whether you need residential accommodation or a more independent supported living provision, we can support you or someone you know who is autistic and/or has a learning disability, to find the right home and support, at whatever point you’re at in your journey.

And we can help you with so much more.

    • Transition planning into accommodation from the age of 16-25 to ensure preventative support is provided, and that you find the right home from the beginning of your journey into adult health and social care
    • Providing homes and services for you to move out of the hospital, with specialist support based on a person-centred planning approach
    • Highly complex support for people who are ready to move on from a forensic setting into a more independent community-based home
    • Advice and support for families, friends and advocates who don’t know their options or where they can seek funding from
    • Support with a crisis or complex care with a team of experienced placements and assessments managers around England and Wales, and a referrals hub that’s open 7-days a week to support people, families and professionals seeking support
    • Recommending the right models of care and support, based on individual needs

A team of highly specialist people who care

What sets us apart is that we care.

And we have a wealth of expertise and experience to help you and your loved ones navigate the health and social care environment.

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From positive behavioural support practitioners to psychologists, mental health support workers, sensory support experts and language therapists, we are proud of our team, and we want you to benefit from their experience and sector-leading expertise.

You may also want to check out Alderwood LLA, which is part of Achieve together, delivering support for people with highly complex autism, personality disorders and more. Here, we have developed a range of alternative therapies and communications models which will enable you or your loved one to recover and go on to excel in an environment that suits their needs and wishes.

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in what Achieve together can offer, please give one of our dedicated advisors a call on 03301 755 332.

For general updates, you can sign up for Together Now. This is our interactive newsletter about all the fantastic activities that take place within our homes, together with news and updates from around the organisation. If you want to get more of a feel of what Achieve together does, please feel free to sign-up here.