Autism support

At Achieve together we recognise that people are not all the same. Autistic people have a different way of seeing the world, and we see this as a normal variation of the human experience. This difference has a number of positive and desirable character traits, and is a fundamental part of the person’s identity.

What is autism?

Autistic people may display a range of strengths and abilities that can be directly related to their condition and differences in social communication, social interaction and repetitive or restrictive behaviour. However, not all these attributes are always obvious. Our teams of expert practitioners work tirelessly to ensure that we all look beyond these challenges. They focus on the positive qualities that autism can bring.

Achieve together supports autistic people, and people with other neurodiverse needs. This includes people with pathological demand avoidance, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and dyspraxia. Some people may experience sensory processing differences or disorders, significant social anxieties or secondary mental health conditions.

How can we support people?

Some autistic people may require access to social support. We support autistic people, with or without learning disabilities in supported living, residential homes or through outreach support. Focusing on personalised support, we appreciate challenges the person has with social interactions, social communication and sensory processing differences. We are attuned to ensuring we understand and support the person to navigate everyday personal and social anxieties, creating low arousal environments and maintaining predictability.

Support teams are provided with a range of professional development opportunities including the Oliver McGowan Training, and other specialist training to best understand the autistic person being supported. In addition, we work in collaboration with other professionals e.g. speech & language therapy, psychology, to ensure the person is accessing the holistic support they need to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Read more about how we can support individuals with autistic people here.

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