How we can support you

Right now we support more than 2300 people in more than 420 homes in England and Wales.

We are the experts in supporting people with different needs, for example, people with autism and people who have behaviours, which
other people might struggle with.

We also support people who have many learning disabilities and health needs (PMLD), and people who struggle with mental health.

We offer following services:

Supported Living – this is when you rent a room or a flat in a house with housemates, and support staff help you live your life the way you want it.

Residential Care – this is when you live in a house with several other people, and staff support you all together.

Outreach / Home Support – this is when you live in your own home, and staff come in to support you with some things.

Activities, work and learning

We work with each person and their loved ones to make a support plan which is personal to them, and we change it as the person changes with time.

Our staff listen to people they support, help people find meaningful things to do and have a healthy, active and full lives.

We make sure people we support can rely on us and feel safe and stable in their life.

Our staff have good values, are happy and believe in people they support.

Find local support

Find your local support options by searching our residential, supported living, outreach at home and day services, filtering by your support needs, or for those with current vacancies.

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