Shirley’s Mental Health at Home Blog – June 2020

Shirley’s June blog talks more about Mental Health at home and how to manage and improve it.

Hi everyone,

It was so nice to hear this week about some of the restrictions being lifted. In the distant horizon, I am hoping that our freedoms will be returning and I can’t say ‘to normal’, what I will say is to a different or new normal. Even though we still have COVID-19 hanging over our heads, at least most of us are now able to see our more extended families and loved ones and for me, this was a great relief.

A large proportion of people are still working from home, the majority of children are still not at school, and people are still having to juggle home life with work.

Mental Health at Home

For those of you that are still working from home, I found this useful article and poster by the Red Cross – 5 steps to improve your Mental Health at Home. If you want the full article you can find it on the Red Cross website.

5 steps to improve your mental health at home

Also on the Red Cross Website, there’s a video about the CALMER approach to supporting people during a crisis. You can watch it here.

And I also found some really useful audio guides on Mental Wellbeing on the NHS website that I thought might be quite useful, you can view them here.

There is helpful advice on how to cope with:

  • Low mood sadness and depression
  • Anxiety Control training
  • Sleep problems
  • Low confidence and assertiveness
  • Unhelpful thinking

Please let me know what you think of them and whether you find them helpful?


Last month we launched the I AM AWESOME campaign, we would love if more of you could join and sign up to this, to really promote mental health awareness. So if you’re like me, and you are passionate about promoting mental health awareness, click here.

Take care and be safe everyone,