I Am Awesome Campaign

Achieve together’s new initiative, the I AM AWESOME campaign for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Those of us who have mental health problems are often stereotyped and can be perceived to be unwell or broken. It can be powerful to break that stigma for people by showing how awesome someone can be despite their mental health problems.

For Mental Health Awareness Week we would like to introduce the ‘I AM AWESOME’ campaign for Achieve together.  It would be great if both staff and the people we support became involved in this.  You can see the ‘I AM AWESOME’ campaign here, where people have been brave and signed up already. So please send your pictures to Communications, to join in, and show everyone how awesome you really are!

It would be great to see you featured on the post and spreading the word to get us all talking about mental health.

The campaign will have the following statements written on:

I AM AWESOME because I conquered Mental Health.

I AM AWESOME because I am willing to share this with you all.

I AM AWESOME because I am helping to break down the stigma of Mental Health.

I AM AWESOME because I am encouraging others to do the same.

I AM AWESOME because I am showing people there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


It will look something like this: