Meet the Manager

We met with Danielle, the Home Manager at one of our Supported Living homes.

Danielle is the Home Manager at one of our supported living homes. We spoke with Danielle to see what inspired her to become a Home Manager and what she believes makes a happy home for all.

“I have always had a passion for helping others, and my goal has always been to work within the Health and Social Care Sector. I went to college to study this subject as well. As part of my college course, I was required to undertake a work placement, and that’s how my journey began at Achieve together. From the get-go, I loved everything about Achieve together, and after my placement, I was offered a Support Worker position. Since then, I have worked my way up and progressed to a Senior Support Worker, and then in 2018, I was offered the position of Home Manager”.

We wanted to know what Danielle was most looking forward to in her role:

“I look forward to working with all people we support currently and future individuals that we welcome to our supported living home. I look forward to working with them to achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions”.

What do you most enjoy about the role of Danielle?

“As a Home Manager, I enjoy creating a happy working environment and working together as a tea that continually strives to make the most positive impact we can on an individual we supports life”.

What do you find challenging within the role?

“Every day presents its own unique challenges, but as a team, we work together to overcome these in the best way possible”.

What motivates you in this role, Danielle?

“The motivation for me is making a difference in people we supports lives, achieving positive change for them through the support we provide, meeting an individual’s needs, and of course, going above and beyond.

Witnessing people we support achieve their goals and dreams when they once saw them as unreachable or unattainable is a huge motivator. To watch my team members work together to support people with more independent living and using their new-found skills within society.

“Achievements at this home can be found in the positive outcomes people we support are achieving. There is one person we support that comes to mind. We worked closely as a team with this person, as initially, they required 1:1 support and had many restrictions in place. With the dedicated support we as a team provided, they have progressed so much in their independence; they are in a position where they can move into their own home and receive outreach support. Over the years, this person has gained a lot of voluntary work experience, and it had always been his dream to obtain paid employment, and he has just done that!

Watching them achieve all their goals and dreams reiterates that the support we provide at this home is effective, and every moment spent with this person shows, not just in the result but the process as well”.

Danielle, how do you involve family members and relatives in people support?

“I believe it is important for people we support to retain and maintain healthy relationships with their families and for my team and I to maintain a positive and professional relationship with them. It is beneficial for people we support to have these relationships as it positively influences their well-being, self-worth, and mental health. These relationships also create a wider support network of people they can talk to. Family members can also positively impact individuals meeting their needs and goals, as they have an effective input within their daily lives”.

What are your hopes for the future?

“I hope to see people we support move towards a more independent way of living with our support and utilise all the support they have received and skills they have learnt to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.”

How do you get the best out of your team?

“I feel that creating a happy workplace is crucial to building positive professional relationships with my support team. It’s key to recognise each team member’s unique strengths and utilise this and support them with guidance in any areas they may struggle with.

I also believe that treating everybody with respect is a massive factor, and of course, showing genuine appreciation and praise for what my team members achieve”.

“I keep my team motivated by maintaining a positive attitude in all circumstances, no matter the pressure. I believe communication is key also. I aim to keep my team members enthusiastic about their roles and the influence they have on people we supports lives. I always provide positive feedback to my team where it is due and reiterate the importance of working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for people we support”.

Outside of work, Danielle loves to spend time with her family and is a very busy mum. She has two boys and can often be found standing on the sidelines of a football pitch.

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