Meet the Manager of Cwm Hyfryd

Gemma is the Home Manager for Cwm Hyfryd a Residential Care home at Achieve together

We spoke to Gemma the Home Manager of Cwm Hyfryd to see what she enjoys about her role and the difference she makes those she supports.

What has been your experience in the social care sector?

My career within the social care sector has been dynamic, challenging and rewarding. I began as a support worker and gradually worked my way up to the Home Manager position. Throughout this journey, I have always focused on my development, and recently I have been working towards my Level 4 in Health and Social Care which has been hard work as I have begun this later in life than most, but my passion for my role and people we support has kept me going. During my career, I have assisted in developing a successful support home through advice, guidance, and overseeing policies and performance.

I have been lucky enough to support many different people with a variety of needs and this combined with my sector related qualifications  has given me valuable experience and knowledge in how to deliver exceptional support. This has fuelled my desire to pursue my career within the sector further.

What will you most be looking forward to in your role?

I look forward to many elements of my role, predominantly it is the opportunity to help and support as many people as possible to live happy and purposeful lives,  as well as reach greater independence in their journey. I believe my role offers me an opportunity to also continually develop myself, and I look forward to watching my character grow.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There is so much to enjoy about my role, everything we do makes a difference in somebody’s life. The role is incredibly varied and I enjoy it all; whether that be helping and empowering a  person to enjoy their day; supporting people with their short-term or long-term health problems; or ensuring that the most respectful and peaceful end-of-life care is delivered. At the end of every shift, I am able to leave knowing that I have made a real difference to the quality of life for people we support. The support you provide every day is valued, appreciated and vital to sustaining their quality of life.

What do you see as the challenges?

The hardest challenge for me in this role is when people you support either develop or have health conditions that are deteriorating and are not able to stop that. You have built up strong relationships and a great rapport with people in the home and we make sure they are kept comfortable and respect their wishes.  It can be  emotionally challenging, but think this just demonstrates how much we love and care we have for all those we support.

What motivates you?

The whole role is motivating naturally, helping people we support and ensuring they are satisfied, receiving praise, and making sure my team’s voices are heard.

How do you work with family members and relatives?

Family relationships have their complexities and most of the time it is a hard situation for a family member to accept they are no longer their loved ones’ sole carer and this may come with feelings of upset and guilt. This is why I see effective communication with family members are vitally important, to ensure they are as involved as possibly can be in their loved ones’ support plans. All family members know I am available to listen to any opinions and thoughts regarding the support their loved ones receive. Usually having the family members present for people we support is a crucial element in people we supports daily lives.

Hopes for the future?

 I hope to continue to grow with the company and provide outstanding to support to individuals as this is what they truly deserve.

How do you get the best out of your team?

I get the best out of my team by ensuring I am understanding and empathic of my team’s needs, and I am always here to listen. I believe in creating and maintaining good working relationships, and I work alongside them with people we support.

How do you motivate and inspire your team?

I would never ask a team member to complete a task that I would not complete myself, and my team know and can see this. I pride myself in listening to every detail my team communicate with me. I motivate my team by asking them how I can help them strive and move forward with their support.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Outside of work I have many hobbies and interests including socialising with friends and family, holidays, swimming and horse riding. My favourite way to spend my free time is with my children and hearing their laughter.


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