Meet the Manager of Arundel House

Meet Ruth Day, the Home Manager of Arundel House in Essex.

Ruth is the Manager at Arundel House, and has also been managing St Albans House for almost five years. We asked Ruth how her time at St Albans House has prepared her for her role.

She told us: “At St Albans House, I learned a whole new way of working and gained experience in how best to run the home. I enabled the home to move forwards and made things better for both team members, and people we support. Managing St Albans House has given me the confidence and knowledge that I can definitely do a good job at Arundel House too.

“I’ll be learning how to split my time equally between both homes, ensuring that everything is covered between the two houses. I’m really looking forward to getting to know new people. The two homes are completely different, so I’m looking forward to the variety that brings!

“I can also see what’s worked well at St Albans House, and so I can apply the same positive approaches at Arundel House too.”

We asked Ruth to share her career journey with us. She said, “I initially chose to work in the care sector because I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, for the better.

“I do this by making every day as happy and enjoyable as possible, and ensuring that people we support have a fun and fulfilling life. I find ways of enabling people to grow by supporting them if things go wrong, or if they are able to achieve what they want, I give them praise and acknowledgment for their achievement.”

Ruth described her career progression so far: “I started as a Support Worker in 2013, and then worked my way up to become a Lead Support Worker, a Deputy Manager, and finally a Registered Manager. I have worked in a variety of settings around Clacton working with people with learning difficulties, mental health, and complex needs, in several different services.

“There are many prospects of advancing within the company, and the learning and development opportunities have empowered me to gain new skills.”

When we asked Ruth what inspires her to keep going, she told us, “I look at people I support and what they’ve been able to achieve over the last few years. Seeing them grow and develop into the people they are now is my biggest inspiration. People we support have been able to grow in confidence, and are empowered to move on to independent living, where they now live a more independent life.

“I also look at the teams I support and reflect how well they have grown through my leadership and mentoring, thus empowering them to believe in themselves and help make a difference to others.

“The best thing about my job is seeing the enjoyment on peoples’ faces when they have achieved something or experienced something that they haven’t done before. In my role, no two days are the same, and this always opens up opportunities to try new things, new approaches to situations, and new ways to learn.”

Ruth told us what she is most proud of: “Supporting my team members and people we support through difficult times. Recently we were supporting a lady who was in crisis, and I was proud of how my team and other people we support came together and supported each other through. We were able to achieve things that we never thought possible! I am also proud to be part of this company.”

Outside of work, Ruth enjoys being with her family and friends and spending time with her children.

Ruth shared her mission for the future, and her aspirations for the team and service: “I want to help others achieve their full potential – both people we support, and team members in both homes.

“I plan to find a way to provide the best possible times for all and to find new opportunities for others to make new friends and build on relationships, be this through social events or through family support. I want others to feel comfortable coming forth with their own ideas, and feel valued and listened to.

“I’m excited about the new challenges that may come from running two houses. Also mentoring and getting to know a new team, developing my own ideas, and using my strengths to ensure that the homes run safely, and remain homely. I’m ready for the new challenge!”

Arundel House is a residential living service in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, that supports adults aged 50+ with autism spectrum conditions, learning disabilities, complex needs including behaviours that may challenge, restricted mobility, sight/hearing impairment, and dementia.