Hero as voted by the people we support: Will Bosha

Congratulations to Will Bosha who was voted a Hero by the people we support.

Will is an exemplary team member. He always goes the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble. His dedication to his role and the people he supports is phenomenal. We asked Will how he felt when his name was announced at the awards:

“It felt wonderful and increased my sense of purpose. Sometimes we work extremely hard because that is what our ethics are, we expect that from ourselves and we have deadlines and targets to achieve. This felt special because the people we support were involved, it gave me a sense that l have been moving in the right direction”.

Will is always someone who can be relied upon and is always on hand to offer advice and support. He has received huge praise from his team, who value his skills and say how he is always there for them no matter what and helps with any issues or difficulties. He is they all say a ‘true hero’.

We asked Will of what he is most proud of and he said:

“I have a wonderful team to support an exceptional group of people we support. We face different challenges over the course of daily life but we still manage to create wonderful moments together, start a new day every day. I compare managers to a formula 1 driver (at this point my wife would be cringing because of me making a car reference), they are the face of a team, but without the rest of the team, irrespective of their talent they will not succeed. We succeed as a team and we fail as a team. Sometimes it is very tricky to have “that team”, but when we have it, then we need to celebrate that and take pride”.

It is clear that Will is hugely respected and received nominations from his team as well as people we support. He really enjoyed the Awards and said:

“It was clear from everybody that they felt that this was a great way of acknowledging all the great work our teams up and down the country do. It brought different teams/groups together to celebrate who we are as an organisation”.

Well done Will on a very well deserved Award.


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