Achieve together to Launch Radar

Achieve together has been working in partnership with Radar Healthcare to develop a new and enhanced integrated system that aims to transform organisational governance and monitoring of risk, quality, and regulatory compliance.

The introduction of Radar across Achieve together will reduce administration, consolidating our governance systems into a centralised platform, enabling managers to spend more time with those we support, whilst coaching and mentoring our professional and highly skilled support teams.

This launch also takes us one step closer to realising our ‘Connected Working’ vision, where team members have instant access in one place to the latest high-quality data and information – the ‘all employee’ AchieveApp provides everyone the opportunity to engage and interact, share best practice, reflect on learnings, and innovate in ways that will shape the future and make a real difference to the lives of people we support.

Zoe Armstrong, Director of Quality commented “The introduction of this event risk management and audit system will provide critical visibility of compliance and risk data for the organisation and will apply mandatory workflows in line with regulatory requirements and organisational policy. This system will provide an automatic escalation and alert process which will keep people we support and staff teams safe. “

Martin Simkin, Subject Matter Expert, who has been instrumental in the development of Radar for Achieve together said “Radar will provide governance, and prompt systemic review of all events, reduce duplicated communications and give home managers and central teams a practical and functional system for them to access relevant and related information. Radar will also reduce the amount of copying, printing, paper wastage, filing, and archiving thus improving our carbon footprint.”