Acclaim for one of our support worker’s life-saving actions

For just over eight years, Lisa Martin has supported people in our Wales Outreach team. Earlier this year she demonstrated enormous courage and presence of mind when she saved the life of a person she supports. 

Lisa, DD whom she supports, and an interpreter were enjoying a meal at a local restaurant. DD was tucking into steak and chips when suddenly Lisa looked up and noticed that DD was choking on his food. His face had turned grey, and his lips had started to go blue. Without a moment’s hesitation, Lisa jumped up and started slapping DD on the back to try and dislodge the food. It took a few attempts which must have felt like a lifetime, but with her determination, the food was extracted. Lisa said: “I was absolutely terrified but kept calm and focused on saving DD. The interpreter thought we were going to lose him, but I wasn’t going to let that happen”. 

After the incident restaurant workers offered Lisa a brandy, but as she was working enjoyed a well-deserved lemonade instead! 

Lisa spoke to DD’s social worker and explained what had happened and alerted them to the fact he may have a few bruises and feel sore the following day. She also spoke with her Manager to organise a GP appointment for DD to check his throat to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.  

DD and Lisa have an incredible bond and it is clear that she would do absolutely anything for him. They enjoy sharing jokes together with DD often rolling his eyes in response to Lisa’s gentle humour. Lisa was born for this role and absolutely loves her job. She said if she was to win the lottery she would buy an enormous house for all those who are D/deaf to be together.   

As a thank you for her quick-thinking actions Achieve together’s Chief Operating Officer Sam Collier sent Lisa some flowers and a voucher. Lisa said: 

“I was really touched; the flowers are beautiful, and I’ve treated myself to some plants for the garden from B&Q. I wrote an email to Sam to say thanks and he responded straight away, I couldn’t believe it, I thought he’d be too busy to get back to me. It’s lovely to be acknowledged in this way”. 

A huge well done to Lisa. This was a frightening situation, but her competence and quick thinking saved DD’s life. We are all very proud of her and she is an enormous credit to Achieve together.  


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