Zoe Armstrong, Director of Quality and Specialist Support Delivery

Zoe ArmstrongZoe Armstrong, Director of Quality and Specialist Support Delivery

I have worked in Health and Social care since I was a teenager, starting with weekends and holidays in a nursing home while still at school. I learnt so much working there about what makes me tick, which is making sure everyone has the opportunity to live their best lives and supporting them to be as happy and healthy as possible. I have been privileged to work with and support many different people throughout my career. Each one of them has influenced my life, improved me, and improved the support I can provide to people.

The first time I worked in a home which supported people with autism and learning disabilities, I knew I had found my career ‘sweet spot’. I literally resented having to go home at night because I didn’t want to miss a moment. That has never changed for me. It is the greatest privilege and the biggest responsibility.

I never had huge career aspirations but I did want to change things for the better so I worked across virtually every operational role you can think of. Along the way I have met the most incredible people  before being lucky enough to arrive at Achieve together as Director of Quality and Specialist Support Delivery.

Achieve together was a natural destination for me because of the people who are supported and the people who are involved in supporting them. The energy of the organisation and the desire to always develop and improve is inspirational. Being the Director of Quality and Specialist Support Delivery for Achieve together makes me so proud when I hear about the amazing difference our teams make to people’s lives each and every day.