Zak Houlahan, Chief Executive Officer

Zac Houlahan, Chief Executive Officer

I joined Achieve together to work with the team on building our shared vision to provide the best specialist support. I am very proud to lead the organisation to ensure that the people we support, and their families, remain at the heart of our organisation, where together we can continue to exceed expectations and provide people with every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

It’s a core belief of mine that every human being is born with equal value but unfortunately not always with equal opportunities and rights. I was passionate about getting this role as I wanted to lead an organisation that worked to balance the scales and enhance the lives of the people we support.

The values of this phenomenal organisation; being brave, having fun, making things happen and valuing everyone are lived every day.

Our teams do amazing work to help deliver our vision to ‘provide the best specialist support, inspiring a generation to enable people to live happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.’ This vision statement was crafted with the people we support, their families and our team members. It really is what we are all here for and it is an honour and a privilege to be part of.

I can’t wait to start this new journey and work with my colleagues at Achieve together.