Voting – it’s everyone’s right

With the general election just around the corner, Campaign 4 Change members have collated some useful information about supporting people to vote

The Achieve together ‘Right to vote’ guide is aimed at support teams and other support networks of people with learning disabilities and autistic people. It explains that people with learning disabilities and autistic people have a legal right to vote. Their right is equal to everyone else of voting age.

It’s important that everyone knows that they have the right to vote and is supported to do so should they wish. To do this, they need the right information about how to vote.

In the guide, important steps and key dates are listed. These include the registration deadline and applying for postal or proxy votes. It prompts people to check ID and gives links to request easy read manifestos.

The guide also directs people to the My Vote, My Voice website, which contains a wealth of further information. This campaign aims to encourage people with learning disabilities and autistic people to vote. With the positive strapline, ‘Because your voice matters’, it aims to remove voting barriers. An explanation of how to engage people in politics, while remaining neutral, provides a helpful starting point to the subject.

Campaign 4 Change has also recorded a podcast with Dr Mark Brookes from My Vote, My Voice. The passion of the participants is clear. Mary Woodall says during the podcast: “It is very important that all disabled people have the right to vote, have the choice to vote and do vote in the next general election.”

See the guide on our Resource Library under the ‘Useful guides and easy read’ section or download a copy.

View the My Vote, My Voice website.