Volunteering in Norfolk

Lots of wonderful volunteering roles for people we support

People we support spending time with shetland poniesAchieve together encourages the people we support to take part in volunteering daysPeople we support at sail close care service on their volunteering daysSail close home volunteer with animals

Just some of the activities that the people we support get up to, including volunteering to look after the Shetland ponies and planting vegetables

This week, I want to tell you about the amazing array of volunteer work that the people we support in a home in Norfolk get up to. Team members help the people we support to be very active in the local community, as well as dedicating their time to help to give back.

Everyone is really enthusiastic about their volunteering, including the support team! Most of the people go to The Grange in Great Cressingham, a charity that helps out refugees and abuse victims in the grounds of an amazing stately home. The people we support help to maintain the grounds, partake in activities such as vegetable growing, carpentry, crafts and cook the fresh produce grown on-site back at home. This week, they have been planting seeds ready for the harvest in August. They have also been picking some of the multi-coloured carrots that grow there and then cooking them.. They also help out to look after the animals at The Grange, including mucking out stables for the horses.

Three of the people we support have voluntary jobs in charity shops in the local town. One person helps out at the food bank and another volunteers at a local project called the Escape Project. Here, people who have mental health issues and learning disabilities can all learn about tending to an allotment and socialise with others. Another person we support works in the Sue Ryder charity shop 3 times a week where he helps to move furniture and tidies the shop area. It has really improved his confidence as he is constantly meeting and talking to new people.

People we support planting and gardening

All of the people at the home and their support team are passionate about giving back and raising money for charity. They are holding a charity event on the 27th January called Brew Monday to raise money for the Samaritans by baking cakes and selling them to the local public. This was a huge success last year, where they raised over £100 and they are hoping to replicate it this year. Staff, the people we support and their families are all making cakes and coffee which they then bring into the home for a communal coffee morning. This year, they have invited other Achieve together homes nearby as well as families and local professionals.

It is lovely to see how enthusiastic everyone is!

Please note, all photos have been published with permission

Sail close residents leap for joySensory arts and crafts with the people we supportThe people we support get together for arts and crafts

Picking apples and making Christmas reindeer out of logs grown from trees at The Grange.