Tuscany House Celebrates Outstanding CQC Rating

I’m so pleased to share that Tuscany House were recently awarded a rating of ‘Outstanding’ by CQC.




I’m so pleased to share that Tuscany House were recently rated ‘Outstanding’ by CQC. The staff there have shown exceptional care and dedication to the people they support, and they deserve this fantastic report.

I spoke to Lorraine Hunt, the manager of Tuscany House at the time, and asked her why she thought they had obtained the ‘Outstanding’ rating. Lorraine said “Amongst other things, I made sure that a lot of individual, tailored staff support was in place, which focused on the staff’s own wellbeing. This included taking into consideration how staff like to learn and develop, in their own unique way. This approach was then cascaded down, via staff, to the people we support- carefully considering how each individual is treated”.

CQC were particularly impressed with the Positive Behaviour Support plans at Tuscany House, and how they were carried out- with an emphasis on positive risk taking.

Here are some extracts from the CQC report:

‘Staff at Tuscany House were exceptionally skilled and motivated…. there was a distinct will amongst the staff team for people to be living the life they wanted.’

‘When speaking about people, staff were animated and repeatedly spoke about people’s achievements and goals. Staff demonstrated a clear and in-depth understanding of each individual’s  communication needs, routines and personalities. People appeared relaxed in the company of staff, and relatives described staff as caring, committed and approachable.’

‘Relatives felt that people’s lives had improved and been enriched by living at Tuscany House’ (CQC, August 2019)

The CQC inspectors were impressed at how staff supported individuals through the grieving process when one of the people at Tuscany House passed away. The care and sensitivity at how this was handled was certainly inspiring and outstanding.

I’m so proud that at Achieve together, we have staff who show such commitment, dedication and high quality care. Big congratulations to Tuscany House!