The Winterfell Story

Winterfell is a residential home in St Helen’s, Merseyside, which specialises in supporting autistic adults and people who have learning disabilities. Here, we are highly focused on creating a positive and uplifting place to live and thrive, with truly person-centered planning, involving the person supported, and family members, in order to set and reach positive outcomes.

This is a unique home with a unique story. Joanna McNally, Regional Manager at Achieve together, tells us all about the Winterfell story and what makes it so special.

How did you get involved with Winterfell?

I was approached by the parent of a young man who used to live in a residential home I managed 7 years prior, and the family was in a “crisis” state, unable to find a suitable provision in the local area that could meet the complex support needs of their son.

The only placement options available to the family were long distances away from the family home. St Helen’s area did not have any residential specialist provision for the support of autistic adults with complex needs and I instantly attempted to problem-solve creatively. And that’s when Winterfell was born.

What was the vision behind creating Winterfell?

We wanted to create a residential home that was specifically able to support the individual needs of young men and women who required environmental adaptations that would maintain their safety and meet their care needs. This was incredibly important to us, especially because we knew that people needed support with complex behavioural needs in the St Helen’s area.

What makes Winterfell so special?

Winterfell is unique as there are no other like-for-like provision in or around the local area. Winterfell was created for the individuals who live in the home, and the environmental adaptations we’ve made really do promote independence, whilst managing risks and increasing opportunities to gain life skills. People can live very active lives, participating in purposeful activities of interest in the local area and living fulfilled lives. This is made possible by the environment, the home we have created, and the expertise in the team of people who provide support at Winterfell.

It’s a really special combination, and it’s humbling to see the difference it makes to the lives of those we support, and their families, friends and wider communities.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about choosing to live at Winterfell?

Winterfell is a stunning property that offers space for everyone to live as independently as they would like. Our team members are specifically trained and experienced in managing behaviours that challenge proactively, with a least restrictive approach, so if this is something you can identify as needing support with, please let us know. We would love to be able to help you and your family.

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