TG achieves his dreams at with specialist Forensic Mental Health support at Achieve together

Achieve together offers specialist Forensic Mental Health support. Read about TG’s transformation with this specialist support

TG began his support with Achieve together in October 2021. This was his placement home after serving a sentence in Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMP), for a crime he committed whilst mentally unwell.

Due to TG’s past when he first moved in, he was under incredibly tight restrictions imposed by his probation and mental health team.  Part of these restrictions included a GPS tag and an accompanying curfew. Since moving to Achieve together the team has seen a real shift in TG’s attitude, his confidence has increased, and is positive about his life and future.

TG continues to grow and move from strength to strength. TG now manages his own monetary budget, and has just completed and passed his CSC (Construction Skills Certificate) course and has now obtained a forklift truck licence. His next step is to seek paid employment, having obtained the necessary qualifications. The team at Achieve together is keen for TG to get a job and think it will be hugely beneficial for him and are currently in discussions with potential employers.

TG’s desire to improve the future stretches beyond his own life, as he wishes to help many others in Achieve together too. He has just applied to become a member of Unity, a self-advocacy group in Achieve together. TG hopes to help others who have experienced a similar past to understand that positive change is possible and how to embrace the support available.

As for the future, TG hopes to eventually marry and start a family. The forensic support team at Achieve together have no doubt that he will achieve his goal and dreams and are confident he will continue to make superb progress.

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