Spook-Tacular Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Check out the entries for our spook-tacular pumpkin carving competition.


Georgina created this fabulous pumpkin with glitter and flowers.

Meesons Lodge pumpkin carving competition

Robert carved this pumpkin with lots of cool details!

pumpkin with a spider spider themed pumpkin

MB & LD put lots of really cool detail into their pumpkin.

pumpkin carving competition

Other entries

Lots of entries with much-loved characters from Halloween (except COVID-19).

Arrowe Hall Social Care Service Pumpkin Carving Mike Wazowski Spider Jack O Lantern Arrowe Hall Social Care Service Arrowe Hall social care service pumpkin carving M&M Arrowe Hall Scary Pumpkin social care service frankenstein theme jackolantern from Arrowe Hall social care service Arrowe Hall COVID-19 theme pumpkin carving arrowe hall nightmare before christmas pumpkin carving

One home didn’t have any Pumpkins but used apples to make the kissing emoji and the poop emoji.

Bedwas Road social care service apple carving

Julie, Rebecca, Alice and Khalid worked hard on these fa-boo-lous pumpkins!

Penny Meadow Halloween competition

Lee also had a go and made this boo-tiful pumpkin.

Penny Meadow Social Care Service pumpkin carving

Awesome, traditional pumpkin designs.

Pumpkin carving ideas at social care service

Several Jack O Lanterns, including a Pumpkin vomiting up its seeds!

The ridge pumpkin The Ridge pumpkin carving social care service

Martin also creates a Nightmare before Christmas themed pumpkin.

Nightmare Before Christmas theme pumpkin

Maldwyn is excited about his carving accomplishments

Maldwyn from Bargoed Hall social care service pumpkin carving competition

Three spooktacular carvings.

Rugby Avenue social care service pumpkin carving Rugby Avenue social care service pumpkin carving

Tony creates a Zombie theme pumpkin which was a big accomplishment as he often struggles to join in with activities in his home.

tony from arrowe hall social care service with his zombie pumpkin

Robert carved this lovely pumpkin and named it Phil.

Pumpkin carving at Mackintosh Social Care Service

Some people teamed up to carve 4 amazing pumpkins!

Pumpkin carving competition upper selsdon Upper Selsdon pumpkin carving Upper Selsdon pumpkin carving

Dewi is proud as punch with his pumpkin creation!

Bargoed Hall Social Care service

Simon created this fang-tastic pumpkin!

simon from arrowe hall pumpkin carving achievement

Katrina carves a K for her name in her Jack O Lantern.

Katrina fiveways pumpkin carving

A little family of pumpkins.

alderton house social care service pumpkin group

3 cool pumpkins with different faces and a wolf!

Eastbourne Road social care service pumpkin carving

Jamie and Ronan worked together with their support team to create these pumpkins.

Jack O lanterns from Ty Cudd People we support and staff posing with their pumpkins

AC used other bits and pieces from around the house to spruce up his pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving competition at Holland House