Simon’s progression

Find out how our team have supported Simon’s progression

Simon is a 40-year old man who moved into a residential home in Caerphilly in December 2020. He initially struggled with the move as he was shy, did not engage or interact with others and would not make eye contact.

Early on, Simon had difficulties engaging with activities as he often seemed uninterested in taking part and would shy away from housemates and team members. On some occasions he would even refuse to enter a building or try to run off.

Over the last 9 months, Simon has progressed phenomenally well due to increased interactions with team members and housemates. He shows a good understanding of when people speak to him and is now speaking, answering our team with one or two word answers. Good relationships have been also been built with his family who visit on a regular basis.

Now Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, Simon is involved with activities both in the home and out in the community, which has resulted in Simon building trust with our team. He has recently started 1:1 Touch Trust sensory sessions at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff which he really likes.

These days, Simon enters buildings with ease, makes good eye contact, and appears to be very happy and relaxed on walks where he visits local beauty spots and enjoys an ice cream. Simon is looking forward to continuing with his current activities and participating in more in-house activities as his confidence continues to build.

Well done to our team at at his home for providing the support needed to help Simon flourish!