Quentin’s Social Success!

Quentin from Winston Lodge has recently built a huge social life, having first arrived at Winston Lodge reluctant to get out of bed.

Today we bring you the inspiring story of Quentin from Winston Lodge, who has really exemplified areas of the Wheel of Engagement recently.


Quentin is sometimes reluctant to get out of bed and socialise in the communal areas and with the activities at the Winston Lodge. He sometimes finds it hard to motivate himself, but through the help of staff he has really come into his own. Quentin has been getting up and leaving his room to join in with Winston Lodges’ many activities, such as gardening, swimming and bowling. Once he gets over the initial barrier of leaving his room, Quentin completely comes to life. He loves to come out in the local community and partake in activities. He loves going out for coffee and cake (his favourite is chocolate, as you can see!).



Quentin loves wildlife and so he has been to visit the local zoo and the aquarium where he enjoyed seeing all the different animals. Socially, he also goes to Friendship group and Friday Club, which is a local social club where he has made many friends. He also loves going out for meals with staff and other people we support.


We are so proud of Quentin for persevering and comingĀ out of his shell. Well done Quentin!


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