Our Lilliputs services

Today we are bringing you everything that our Lilliputs services have been up to recently

Today we are presenting our Lilliputs services: Cherry Tree, The Paddocks, Gullivers, the Day Centre and Lilliputs farmhouse, and what they have been up to recently.

Everyone in the services at Lilliputs is encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities, designed to encourage a greater level of independence and community involvement. Each individual is supported to carry out the activities that interest them, develop hobbies and interact with members of the local community.

Cherry Tree Home

Cherry Tree

The staff at Cherry Tree implement a system of Positive Behaviour Support. One person they support has recently gained paid employment, which has been a great success and they have learned how to get ready for work, be on time, and are now taking public transport. The individual has also recently learned how to iron and use the blender meaning he now eats a lot more fruits and vegetables. The staff at Cherry Tree have also done an amazing job by supporting him to develop a dictionary of words that are unique to him meaning he has been able to develop meaningful relationships with all staff. Another individual at Cherry Tree has been supported to access health care appointments now and each one was a great success. Due to high-intensity ritualistic behaviour, they were previously unable to access the kitchen to prepare their own food. The team worked with his psychiatrist in an effort to relieve him of his anxieties and he is now able to access the kitchen 3 times a day to prepare his own food


The Paddocks

The people we support at The Paddocks undertake a wide range of activities. People living at The Paddocks can present behaviours that may challenge so the staff work extremely hard to reduce these behaviours by working out the triggers each individual has. The staff team have also significantly reduced psychotic medication. This is amazing for each individual as it has increased the time and frequency people are integrating into the community. Recently, residents at The Paddocks went on a trip to Disneyland Paris for 5 days and really enjoyed it. The staff helped people to feel relaxed and at ease and they had a really good time.

Staff at The Paddocks focus on a Positive Behaviour Support approach towards the people they support. One individual living at the home is in a self-contained flat due to their challenging behaviour towards others. When they first arrived at The Paddocks, they could only last for about 5 minutes before aggressive behaviour occurred. With the help, resilience, and constant support of staff, the individual is now fully integrated into the home, spends lots of time in communal areas and helping staff out, and even petting a rabbit and helping to feed it when it came to visit the home. 5 out of 6 residents at the home currently attend college 3 days a week, with staff support where needed.


There is an active staff engagement with the young people who live at Gullivers. Staff successfully supported one of the young people into an adult service. This was a joint effort between the staff at Gullivers, senior management and other professionals. One of the people supported was made head boy at school, whilst another received a commendation award for his growing confidence and self-esteem at Bexley’s annual Achievement Awards for Looked After Children 2019.

Well done to all the staff and the people we support at our Lilliputs services!


The people we care for on a day trip The people we support having fun in the park A day out with our customers