October Employee of the Month

Steph Shroll, Support Worker at one of our residential homes in Wiltshire, is Employee of the Month

“Steph unquestionably deserves the title of Employee of the Month for her outstanding contributions,” says her Deputy Manager, Joe, adding. “Her unwavering dedication and the positive impact she has had on the people we support and team members are truly remarkable.”

Although relatively new to her role at Achieve together, Steph has quickly become a valued member of the team. She recently took on the responsibility for being the main support for a person who has just transitioned into the home. Joe cites her compassionate care, saying: “Her patience, empathy, and tireless efforts in ensuring his smooth transition have made a world of difference in his life, easing his adjustment and fostering a sense of belonging.”

Steph’s ability to create a positive and uplifting environment for both people supported and fellow support team members is noticed by all. Her infectious optimism and warmth radiate through the home, infusing it with a sense of joy and camaraderie.

Engaging on a personal level

Interactions with people she supports and Steph’s ability to brighten their days are heartwarming and inspiring. She consistently goes the extra mile to engage with them on a personal level. She does so through meaningful conversations, organising enjoyable activities, or offering a listening ear when needed. This not only enhances the quality of life for people supported but also strengthens the sense of community within our care home.

At the same time, Steph’s exceptional work ethic and natural team player attitude mean she is always ready to help others, fostering a harmonious a collaborative work environment by providing support and guidance to her co-workers. Her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills, which directly benefits the home and people who live there.

Receiving her award, Steph said: “I would like to thank my colleague that voted for me. I’m extremely thankful for this award. I have enjoyed the time that I have worked at [the home] and proud of myself, of how far I’ve come in this short amount of time. I look forward to all the opportunities and challenges to come.

“Thank you to my team for all the support I have received and continue to receive on a daily basis.“

Runners Up

Unusually, we have three runners up for Employee of the Month this October. They are all Support Workers in residential homes – Tom Hodgkins, Lee Drage and Chloe Seddon.

Tom was nominated by a visitor to the Kent residential home he works in. The person observed his positive interactions and reported: “It felt like Tom was everywhere at once – he was so caring with each person living there and his engagement in his work shone through.” Not only was Tom engaged in the work he was doing, but the people he was supporting seemed to really enjoy interacting with him.

Lee was nominated by his Deputy Manager for ‘showing great practice’ despite being in his first social care job and just coming to the end of his probationary period. He has shown that he values both the people we support as well as the team he works with and has a clear passion for creating and upholding positive culture and morale at his workplace.

Chloe is praised for her advocacy of a particular person she supports. She has encouraged others to make their own minds up about him despite past incidents of behaviour that  challenges. She taught fellow team members the best way of working with him and continues to support him three years later. This month Chloe has done many things with this man including supporting him to walk to his local shop and relax in the village square when his car was off the road.