October Employee of the Month – Mandie

Mandie consistently goes above and beyond, with her commitment to people she supports, unwavering. Even in her own time, Mandie will shop for craft and activity items, demonstrating that she never stops considering the wellbeing of those at Pippin House. There is a particular reason Mandie has been awarded this prize, and it’s the way she’s supported someone at Pippin House in hospital over recent months. She even postponed a week’s annual leave so this person could receive consistent support at the start of his hospital stay. Needless to say, Mandie expertly provided the highest quality care in this situation, paying particular attention to the person’s specific communication needs.

Mandie is a truly fantastic employee, who’s efforts make a genuine difference to people’s lives. Thank you, Mandie.

Also, a huge shout out to those who received especially strong nominations, making it onto October’s shortlist:

Anthony Sheeky
Dawn Marcovitch
Donna Frost
Emma Smith
Fiona Blundell
Martin Simkin
Natalie Saunders
Paul Licorish
Susan Hammond
Well done everyone, you are an absolute credit!