November joint Managers of the Month

Votes from our Manager of the Month judges tied this month so they selected two winners! They are Kellie Homewood, Home Manager at a residential home in East Sussex and Ellie-Mae England, Registered Manager at a residential home in Wiltshire. Congratulations!

Ellie (pictured right holding her certificate) was nominated principally for her exceptional performance in managing the transition of a person we support to the home she manages. Her commitment to maintaining a smooth operation during periods of change demonstrates her resilience and dedication to the wellbeing of the home. The adept handling of the transition reflects her strong leadership skills, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for both people supported and team members working there.

With a consistent, person-centred approach Ellie ensures that the needs of other people supported at the home are met. She has done this while also training up a new Deputy Manager, who is new to Achieve together.

Crucial role

However, Ellie’s impact extends further. Importantly, she has played a crucial role in building a robust and confident team by providing effective training and support. Her contribution to developing a skilled workforce has fostered a positive and efficient working environment, and a successful home.

Ellie said: “Receiving this award was a lovely surprise. I feel very proud and thankful to be recognised for the hard work and achievements that everyone has made. [This home] was always a dream of mine to manage. When the opportunity arose I could not turn down the offer. People we support are truly incredible and motivate me to come to work every day and strive to deliver them the best care and support possible.

“I could not have achieved this award without the support from my team. They continue to astound me with their determination to develop and enable all everyone we support. Becoming a manger has been a massive developmental step for me, not only on a professional level but a personal level. It continues to challenge me on a daily basis, which is what I love about my role. We have made some amazing achievements this year and we as a team have big plans for 2024, which we cannot wait to share and achieve.”

Living our values

Nominated by her Regional Manager, Kellie (main picture) is described as ‘going beyond and above to ensure that she lives the values of the organisation within the home she manages’. Kellie consistently gets good audits for her home and retention of her team members is outstanding which shows that the leadership she provides is of the highest quality.

Kellie ensures that everyone supported at [the home she manages] live fulfilling lives. Three people supported there attend college and one attends the gym. Three further people enjoy being part of a cycling club, nurturing their health and wellbeing. In addition, one person attends church to support their beliefs. Everyone is involved in the running of their home as much as possible.

Additionally, a monthly newsletter keeps relatives up to date on what their loved ones have been doing. It receives many compliments on each month.

Kellie commented: “I feel humbled receiving the award for Manager of the Month. I’d just like to say thank you to everyone I support for making every day different and always having fun –  and to the team who support me to make the impossible possible.”