November Employees of the month

Fay Louise Harvey & Paige Kingsbury are the very deserving recipients of November’s Employee of the Month award.

Paige has been supporting in two homes in the absence of their manager and has truly gone above and beyond to support people we support, families and  team. Paige has worked around the clock to provide the support they need, drive up quality and has supported a crisis situation, which without her input would have resulted in someone we support losing their home.

Fay has worked for the company for nearly 16 years, giving her best every single day. Having managed many homes, she’s always helped out when they may have been struggling, whether that be working long shifts, giving team members lifts to work or generally just putting others before herself. Fay Louise has recently been suffering from health concerns of her own, but this hasn’t stopped her doing what she does best. She has supported many team members through the years, and they can’t thank her enough for what she’s taught them. Fay has recently lost a person we support and arranged everything, including the funeral, as the individual did not have any family. This put a lot of responsibility on Fay, but she’s done everyone proud, especially people we support. Fay Louise is, quite simply, an amazing manager.

Fay and Paige are incredibly valuable team members, who go above and beyond day in, day out. Thank you both, so much.

Also, a huge shout out to those who received especially strong nominations, making it onto November’s shortlist:

Rebecca Davis
Andy Drodge
Ebony Fox 
Martin Holden
Julie Horsbrough 
Grace Proctor
Zak Robinson
Chloe Seddon
Christine Smith
Kelly Trenberth

Well done everyone, you are absolutely brilliant!