NLD&A Awards: Best Newcomer and Social Covid Hero shortlisted finalists

Introducing our first finalists for the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards… Elaine Adesola and Joseph Scaife!

Meet our finalists…

We were thrilled to have 11 shortlisted people and teams shortlisted in nine categories for the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards this year and want to share with you over the next few weeks what makes them so special. To start with we would like to tell you about our Best Newcomer and Social Covid Hero shortlisted finalists.

1. Best Newcomer Award

Joseph Scaife based at Middle Gordon Road, Camberley, joined us with little background in care, but from the outset has and continues to demonstrate incredible positivity, enthusiasm, and energy.

In his role, he quickly built relationships with the people we support and was unafraid to tackle more challenging aspects of care provision, including working with an individual to support sexual sensory needs and with another individual who has difficulty managing her emotions due to a diagnosis of ADHD and ASD.

Last Christmas Joseph delighted people supported and team members by putting on a Nativity play, in which everyone participated.

Despite having only worked in the sector for a short time, Joseph on completion of his probation was invited to apply for a more senior position and now takes the lead in a number of areas.

He’s incredibly popular with both team members and the people he supports and the impact he has made has had a profound effect on so many. Such is Joseph’s passion he applied to become one of Achieve together’s Ambassador roles recently and was successful. You can read more about why he chose to get involved in such a key initiative.

2. The Social Covid Hero

Elaine Adesola from Hedera House, Kent is the epitome of a team player who is, pulling through to step up to the plate when faced with difficulties or challenges. On Boxing Day 2020, Elaine’s manager had to leave the service unexpectedly at short notice and Elaine was on hand to step into the role of Acting Service Manager.

The past year has been difficult for everyone, and this was particularly true for those at Elaine’s service, who sadly lost two of the people being supported and had to deal with several members of staff going into ICU. Elaine was pivotal in supporting both team members and the people we support through the grieving process. She was both a shoulder to cry on and a strong leader, putting structures in place to ensure the day-to-day support continued whilst helping those people struggling with their loss. Elaine managed this, despite having suffered from Covid-19 herself.

Elaine led both team members and the people we support in an exemplary way, during a very challenging time and continues to do so. She is worthy of the enormous praise she receives as her positive attitude and infectious energy never falter.



Stay tuned…

Watch out for our next blog posts featuring the rest of the lineup of shortlisted people and teams from Achieve together, and good luck to everyone at the finals!