Mental Health Awareness learning

Find out how we have been embracing Mental Health Awareness Week and spreading the learning throughout the month of May

This May, our focus across the organisation has been on mental health. People we support and team members alike are being shown ways to nurture and maintain good mental health.

The wellbeing blog from Wellbeing Director Michael Fullerton centres on this subject. He highlights the theme of Movement for Mental Health Awareness Week from The Mental Health Foundation (13 – 19 May). Many homes supported Wear it Green Day in support of the foundation.

Team members across Achieve together shared lots of photos of people we support demonstrating their movement. They certainly made the most of warmer weather, getting out and enjoying fresh air and green spaces. Some memorable images included trampolining in the garden, blowing dandelion clocks on a walk, and using park swings.


The Wellbeing and Co-production Team shared their relaxing Mindful Walk video, narrated by Michael. People are encouraged to listen to this as they explore their local parks and gardens. At one of his regular Friday lunchtime online mindfulness sessions, Michael invited us to join in with Qigong. This is an ancient Chinese discipline which uses exercises to optimise energy within the body, mind and spirit. The simple movements are both easy and uplifting.

Mental wellbeing is the theme of the Wheel of Engagement – you can watch a podcast on anxiety from Unity and Campaign 4 Change on their YouTube channel.

Five ways to promote mental wellbeing

Unity representatives Travis and Phillipa presented the home managers of Achieve together with five ways to promote mental wellbeing. Research has shown that these five steps can improve mental and physical health.

  1. Keep Learning – Learning builds confidence, self-esteem, and gives a sense of purpose.
  2. Connect – Good relationships are incredibly important for mental wellbeing, a sense of belonging as well as emotional support.
  3. Giving – Acts of kindness create a rewarding, positive sense of self-worth.
  4. Mindfulness – Paying attention to the present moment help you to understand yourself and positively change how you feel in life.
  5. Be active – Physical fitness can improve self-esteem and release chemicals in the brain to improve your mood!

Resources shared include a video by suicide prevention charity Andy’s Man Club, aiming to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health. With the strapline ‘It’s okay to talk’, their peer-to-peer support groups across the UK are free to attend.