Meet the Manager of our supported living homes, in Cambridgeshire

Meet Nina, a Manager who is multi-skilled and trained, with over 20 years of experience within the social care sector.

Nina is the recently appointed Home Manager of our Supported Living Homes in Cambridgeshire. Nina is multi-skilled and trained in sector-relevant roles, and has progressed from a Support Worker to a Home Manager over the course of her career. For Nina supporting people to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams is of paramount importance.

What has been your experience in this sector?

“I have been working in the health and social care sector for 20 years and have experience working with the elderly, and individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and those with mental health concerns. I started my career as a Support Worker and then moved into a Supported Living setting. I then worked my way up to become Deputy Manager, then eventually a Home Manager. I feel having experienced the sector at each role level, offers me a true insight into the everyday dynamics of supporting people to live happy and healthy lives.

I am also a qualified PROACT-SCIPR-UK instructor and have worked with individuals, families and, support teams regarding positive behavioural support. Positive behavioural support promotes individuals to manage their own behaviours and gain skills, and strategies on how to reduce behaviours that others may find challenging and instead implement new learnt techniques and strategies”.

What will you be looking forward to in your role?

I am excited to meet people we support and get to know them as individuals, as well as build relationships with them. I feel having a positive and strong relationship with people we support creates better outcomes for people. I am looking forward to working alongside my new team to offer and deliver the best possible support to each other to keep supporting people living in Cambridgeshire to achieve their goals.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“My role is always exciting and is completely based around helping and empowering others to live a more positive life! It is rewarding to  support and watch people grow and become more independent and achieve their goals and dreams.”

What do you see as the challenges?

“I see challenges within society for people we support. I feel as though people are still not fully accepted and offered involvement, and that some of society may hold negative attitudes and opinions. I work with individuals to ensure their rights are recognised by society, and that they have the freedom to make their own choices, and feel accepted and involved.

Covid-19 was a challenging time for everyone including people we support, families and the support team. Now it is about supporting people to get back to normality, accessing all those important activities they did prior to the pandemic, and hopefully, try some new activities!”.

What motivates you?

“What motivates me? That’s easy! Witnessing the positive difference and impact we make on people we support’s lives. Looking at where they were, compared to where they are now with the supports teams efforts, is really heart-warming and rewarding.”

What has been your greatest achievement with those you support?

“One of my greatest achievements in my career was with an individual I supported, I took the lead on his transition from a hospital setting into a new suitable home. I assessed his needs with input from his family, and then recommended the subsequent support he required and identified a perfect match for him. After he moved into his new home, I worked closely with him and my support team to integrate him back into the community and gain greater independence. It has been such an honour to support this person and now he only requires, minimal support and lives life independently whilst also developing his life skills. He has now secured a voluntary work placement working with animals which was always a big aspiration of his, has moved into his own home and has an improved relationship with his family.”

This was a pinnacle point in my career, and this outcome inspired me to want to continuously help others to achieve positive outcomes.”

How do you work with family members and relatives?

“Relationships with family are really crucial to me. I like to think of myself as an approachable person who is always willing to listen and acknowledge what people have to say. A relationship with the family is really important to me and my support team, as I believe in working collaboratively to achieve the very best for those we support.”

Hopes for the future?

“To continue supporting as many people as I can to achieve positive outcomes and live happy and healthy lives. To continually develop myself on a professional level, and keep enjoying the role I love!

To still continue to work in health and social care and progress more in my role and my own development and keep enjoying my job what I do.”

How do you get the best from your team?

“My support team are crucially important to me and I make sure they are aware of this. I like to take a personal approach and get to know my team members on an individual basis. I am approachable and always hear to listen to whatever my team members need to discuss, and a thank you goes a long way. I do invest a lot of time, effort and energy into my team, and I am always finding opportunities to pass down wisdom and advice from my experience in various roles within the sector so that they feel supported. I believe in keeping my team happy and motivated, as this has a direct effect on their work ethic and attitude towards their role.”

How do you motivate and inspire your team?

“This starts from within me, I always have a positive attitude and this will help them. Part of getting to know my team members is finding out what motivates them as an individual. I think it is really important to constantly remind my team that we are just that, a team, and together we achieve.”

What are your hobbies and interests?

“I actually have a sister who has a learning disability so I like to spend time with her as well as my other family members and friends.

Having time for myself and doing the things I enjoy and help me relax.”


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