Meet the Manager of Llwyndyrys

We met with Kathryn the Home Manager of Llwyndyrys a Supported Living home at Achieve together

Kathryn is the Home Manager of Llwyndyrys, a Supported Living home for adult males aged 18 to 65 with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, acquired brain injury and physical disabilities.

Kathryn’s experience within the social care sectors spans 15 years. She has had the pleasure of working in a variety of different care settings including domiciliary care, nursing homes, and residential care homes. Kathryn previously worked for a support provider that was acquired by Achieve together. Kathryn said “The home I was working within as a deputy manager was then taken over by Achieve Together. I knew straight away that this is where I belonged and felt most comfortable. With the support and encouragement from my Management team, I then became the Home Manager and have been in this role since.”

Kathryn spoke about how she adopts a person centred approach to every individual she supports. She believes this is how you help people to succeed, by working with them to unlock their full unique potential and fulfil goals, in a way that works for them. Kathryn said the role naturally has its good days, bad days, and day’s in-between, but she enjoys them all.

We asked Kathryn what she most enjoyed about her role she said “Making sure that everyone in my home is happy and smiling. This includes people we support and the support team”

People Kathryn supports are her biggest motivator. She expressed how she positions people she supports wants and needs as her top priority always no matter the situation. Kathryn believes people should receive the support they truly deserve and require. “I want people we support to reach the highest mountains with their goals and aspirations, no matter how big or small they may appear to others.”

We wanted to know what Kathryn’s greatest achievement has been throughout her career “It would be impossible to pin point one greatest achievement as I see amazing achievements every day with people we support. It may even be someone learning to butter toast, or tie a shoelace, maybe even someone overcoming their greatest fear. Every achievement I see gives me that same buzz, joy, and smile on my face.”

Kathryn operates a keyworker system at her home and assigns a support worker to each person she supports. She feels this helps to build trust and a special bond with people supported, which in turn helps them to achieve their goals. She said that the keyworkers ensure that people keep in contact with their family member’s either through Facetime, phone calls, or face to face. Kathryn said “Families will be asked if they want to be involved in the person we support personal plans (if the person we support is in agreeance of course). We ensure that the family are updated with any relevant information and we endeavour to update them on a regular basis.”

Kathryn said “My hopes for the future stretch way beyond myself, I see the bigger picture. I want to ensure as an organisation we continue to deliver exemplary support to each person. To make sure that everyone we support is living a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.”

Kathryn believes that sometimes it is the simple things that enable her to get the very best out of her team. She is a big believer in listening and valuing all of her support team’s comments, opinions and ideas. Communication is at the forefront of the work she does and she holds regular team meetings to allow the support team a safe space to speak. Most importantly she believes that by working side by side with her team members she can learn from them.

Finally we asked Kathryn what she enjoys outside of work “I have quite a busy life inside and outside of work. With having three children, whom I am taxi for I rarely have time for myself.

I do however have four pet pigs that live out my back garden, they do in fact come in the house and roam with my two dogs. This is definitely a conversation starter and people always have lots of questions for me, especially when my shopping trolley is over flowing with fruit and veg, and lots of bananas!”

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