Meet the Manager of our Supported Living home in Gillingham

We met the Manager of one of our supported living homes in Gillingham, who supports those with traumatic or non-traumatic acquired brain injury.

Our Supported Living Home in Gillingham, Kent, supporting adults aged 21+ with a traumatic or non-traumatic acquired brain injury, including epilepsy and mental health needs. We met with the Home Manager, Mary.

We asked Mary what attracted her to pursue a career in the social care sector.

“My family has a background working in the medical sector, and my dad had always worked within a hospital setting throughout his life. This originally inspired me to study nursing at university, but then my career path took a change of direction. I realised that I wanted to put my natural compassion and kindness to good use and help others live their lives to the fullest”.

 Mary then went on to describe her career to date within the social care sector.

“I have worked within the social care sector for over 15 years now, and have a wide range of experience within different roles. It is a sector I really enjoy. I have had the delight of working with individuals with learning disabilities, mental health, and presently, acquired brain injury. Each person I have supported has been truly unique. I have been the home manager at Livingstone for three years, and it has been a delight to see people we support at this home grow and live fulfilled lives.”

Mary states that what inspires her in her role is her team and the positive impact she and her team have had on people’s lives.

“What keeps me going is knowing that I have been part of a team that is passionate and where everyone feels valued, and we share a common goal, to improve people’s lives and see people happy and healthy. It is truly rewarding to know and see that we have made a positive difference to someone’s life.”

We went on to ask her why she feels her support team values her, and what makes her a great leader.

“I like to think I am kind and genuine, and this comes through in everything I do and my interactions with my team. I feel I am a fair manager who understands, and I am always willing and wanting to help. I ensure I am approachable to my team, this means they feel safe to come and speak to me about anything that may be on their mind, and they know I will listen. I like to lead by example and will always make sure we get the task in hand done, with the best possible outcome for people we support.”

 Outside of work Mary likes to keep busy and enjoys travelling, playing scrabble, watching TV game and quiz shows, and has an interest in history and geography. When Mary finds the time she also likes to learn new languages.

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