Meet the Manager of Kenworthy House

Katie is the manager of Kenworthy House, and for the past five years, Katie has supported adults with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.

We met with Katie the Home Manager of Kenworthy House. Katie is a passionate and enthusiastic person who genuinely cares about people she supports and her team around her.

Katie has worked within the Social Care Sector since 2007. During her career she said she has had the pleasure of working with a teenagers, adults, and the elderly within care homes and their own homes. For the past five years of her career Katie has support adults with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.

Katie says she truly enjoys her role and she is always forward thinking. “I look forward to continuing to improve Kenworthy House, although we deliver fantastic support currently I always strive to deliver better. I know this benefits both people we support and my support team.”

We asked Katie what she most enjoys about her role. “Each day is really different, and with this comes new challenges. I enjoy being challenged and finding the best solutions for my team and people we support.”

We asked her what she felt were the hardest challenges. “One of the most important elements for me is ensuring that I have the right dynamic of people in Kenworthy House. I need to ensure that a happy balance is maintained, and people feel comfortable in their own home. My motivation is always people we support and helping them to improve their lives”

We asked Katie what her biggest achievements have been.

“For me watching people slowly remove restrictions from their life and begin to start living the life they deserve gives me a real sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Katie said that family members are a really important element to ensure effective care plans are in place for the people we support.

Katie expressed that she enjoys working for Achieve together and hopes to eventually work towards a Regional Manager position in the organisation so that she can help support more people to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

Katie said she gets the best out of her team through communication in regular team meetings and sees these as important times for her to be there to listen to her team. Katie also operates an open door policy where she encourages people to be open and honest. Katie believes regular praise is really important, and her team deserve this for the dedication they bring to their roles.

Outside of work Katie enjoys travelling, eating out, watching television, listening to music, and most importantly spending time with her family and friends.

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