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This is a Supported Living home at Achieve together. Patina, the Home Manager, spoke to us about how the small positive changes can lead to happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives

Patina is the home manager for a Supported Living Home in Southwark. Patina is an incredibly passionate manager who genuinely cares about people she supports and her support team. Patina is driven by the progress and growth she sees in both people we support and team members every day.

What has this role and working within the social care sector taught you?

“From my time and experience within the social care sector, I think my key takeaway is that you must be completely passionate about your position, the support you provide and the role you play in their lives. I truly believe good mentoring and support brings out the best in people, and deliver this to my team; there is always the opportunity to learn and deliver exceptional support.  I feel everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and is about identifying those and harnessing people’s strengths and then helping to manage and improve people’s weaknesses”.

What motivates you in your role?

“My main motivation is of course people we support, they are the reason I love my role. They are what motivates me and my team every day. My motivation stems from my natural passion for the role, supporting people to live happy, healthy, meaningful, and fulfilled lives. It is such a rewarding role, it really is the small wins with people we support. The smallest of positive changes in their lives can be huge steps in their personal development. I love to see people we support to have fun and laugh.

I feel as though Achieve together really recognises the amazing work we do, and they always support team members when needed”.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“I see my role as being responsible for people within the home, people we support and my team members. I really enjoy mentoring my team members and working with them with the same person-centred approach I implement with people we support.  I work with them to upskill and offer training in areas they would like to develop and feel fulfilled. I genuinely love ensuring my team is happy and has a healthy work-life balance. This has a direct effect on people we support at this home as this equips them to provide the best support possible and achieve great outcomes.

I enjoy interacting with other organisations and people involved in tailoring support plans for people we support, whether that be professionals in the sector or family members. I am a hands-on manager, and I really enjoy supporting people living at this supported living home to reach their goals. It is so rewarding to watch people’s progress to living a more independent life.

Every day is different!”

What has been your greatest achievement at this supported living home?

“Every day I walk into this home I see great achievements, a home with people living here who are happy, healthy, and have such a variety of opportunities available to them”.

How do you work with family members?

“I see family members as a crucial part of the lives of many of those we support.  This is why it is really important to me that we establish a good and strong relationship with family members. All family members at this home know I operate an ‘open door policy’, and I am available face to face, via a phone call, or an email. Family members are invited to our annual BBQ, and family members often visit their loved ones on a regular basis”.

What are your hopes for the future?

“My aim for people we support’s future is always to assist them to live more independently, and this is a bitter-sweet situation. I look forward to seeing people we support grow and develop and move on to more independent living and settings, but equally, I miss them they do progress! I also look forward to watching my team develop and grow and developing their careers if that is what they desire”.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

“I enjoy going on holidays, going out for meals, watching comical films and reading”.

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