Meet the Manager of Hersham Road

We met with Malgorzata, the Home Manager of Hersham Road a Supported Living home at Achieve together.

Malgorzata is the Home Manager of Hersham Road, a Supported Living home at Achieve together. Malgorzata has gained valuable experience since embarking on her career with Achieve together and has achieved great success for the home and people she supports. We met with Malgorzata to learn more about Hersham Road and how she ensures people supported here live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

“My journey to becoming a Home Manager began as a Support Worker at Achieve together. I was a Support Worker for two years, and this was a role I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved getting to know each person we support and working out the best way to support them. I have always had a particular interest in planning, joining in with activities with people we support and thinking of new exciting ideas. Another aspect of the role I realised I enjoyed was the administration side, and I actively took part in this as much as possible. After two years of gaining experience in these areas, I was promoted to a Senior Support Worker position, where I was given more responsibility and accountability in my everyday role.

After a year in this role, I felt ready within myself to apply for the Home Manager position, and I was thankfully successful with my application. The experience I have had so far within this role has been interesting, varied, dynamic, and above all, rewarding. I look forward to all the amazing times ahead”.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

“I look forward to continuing my role as Home Manager and ensuring my team continues to grow and develop within their Support Worker and Lead Support Worker roles. I plan on making this happen by offering continuous development opportunities and implementing and following personal development plans. Of course, I will always be here for any advice they need.

As for myself, I look forward to putting my new knowledge and learnings from my recently completed Level 5 Diploma in Care into practice to achieve the best possible outcomes for people we support.

We are already very excited for next summer, and some people we support have booked holidays. Our amazing team members will support people in enjoying these lovely holidays. Everybody is looking forward to getting away after the pandemic’s restrictions. This will be people’s first holiday in over two years! I am looking forward to hearing all about it when they return”.

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your role?

“The most enjoyable aspect of my role as Home Manager is ensuring that we provide an excellent standard of support for people living at Hersham Road. I enjoy encouraging people we support to be as independent as they can be, and witnessing them flourish, grow in confidence and develop their skills. It has been incredibly rewarding to see people settle into their new life at Hersham Road and feel welcome and a part of our family. The positive outcomes and changes achieved by people we support are amazing to see and are one of this role’s most rewarding elements.

I also enjoy our strong relationships with family members and relatives of people we support. They are very supportive of us, and their feedback has been positive around the progress made by their family member or loved ones. Everybody agrees that Hersham road is a very welcoming home, and it feels like one big family! I have worked relentlessly to ensure that Hersham Road is homely and comfortable.

We successfully kept everyone happy, emotionally supported and safe.

The past couple of years have been extremely hard for everybody within the Health and Social Care sector, and the lockdowns have bought additional challenges. It was hard to have to explain to people we support that it was not safe to go outside and that everyone must remain within the home. This was particularly difficult for those who enjoy adventuring outside at least once a day. We had to be creative without delivery of support throughout this time and provide fun and varied activities for people to do at home. This was a challenge, but one we succeeded and excelled at”.

What motivates you in your role?

“I am motivated by people we support! They are wonderful to work alongside, and my team and I enjoy looking for new ways to provide them with individualised and exceptional support. I enjoy the continuous aim of creating a ‘home from home’ environment with the help of my team members.

I am a highly motivated person and always strive to grow within my role. I maintain regular contact with other Achieve together Home Managers to share inspiring new ideas and best practices”.

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement with those you support?

Since I took the Home Manager role at Hersham Gardens, we have witnessed many success stories. Some of these include the reduction of medication under a doctor’s advice and supervision and reducing intervention for behaviours others may find challenging. This is due to the commitment levels of the support team and their hard work surrounding anxiety reduction and support provided for effective emotional support techniques. Family members have given positive feedback, and they are happy that they can enjoy quality leisure time with their loved ones now.

How do you work with family members and relatives at Hersham Road?

“I am happy that we have established strong relationships with family members and relatives. We are in regular contact, and often they will chat with my team members before speaking to their loved ones. At Hersham Road, we love to celebrate and host parties and get together’s for special occasions, such as Christmas and achievement celebrations. The family members join in with these, and I know they thoroughly enjoy them. A lot of our parties are themed, and people enjoy dressing up for these”.

What are your hopes for the future at Hersham road?

“I strive to continue providing excellent support to people we support and to further develop their independence and daily living skills. I hope their relationships with family members are sustained, and contact is regular.

I will also continue to ensure my team members receive all the training they possibly can and to recruit new enthusiastic and committed team members to be part of our family. We have just had three team members who have completed their Level 3 Care Certificate in Adult Care, and I hope to see many more do the same”.

How do you work with your team members to get the best from them?

“I conduct regular team member supervisions every three months and yearly appraisals. We have regular team meetings where everyone can feel comfortable raising any points, concerns, or ideas. I encourage positive thinking, teamwork, and personal and professional development”.

How do you keep motivation high within your team? How do you inspire them?

“Because of my roots, I understand the role of a Support Worker; that’s where my journey began with Achieve together. Therefore I can offer effective guidance and advice to my team.

I encourage my team members interested in pursuing their careers within the sector to do so. I try to develop Support Workers into Lead Support Workers and always put forward any requests for training and professional qualifications they ask for.”

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