Meet the Manager – Hillingdon

We spoke to the Home Manager at one of our Supported Living homes in outer London. He told us of his passion to increase people’s independence

We met with Raymond the Home Manager at one of our homes in Hillingdon to find out how he ensures people he supports live happy, healthy, and  meaningful lives.

What has been your experience in the sector?

“My career within the sector has spanned over 12 years, and I have worked my way up through roles. I started my career as a support worker supporting people first hand, and gradually progressed into a Home Manager role. The roles I have held have all presented me with different challenges, but I have managed these and overcome them with positivity and perseverance.”

What will you most be looking forward to in your role?

” I look forward to helping to enable people to live more independent lives and to developing people we support’s skills and supporting them to reaching their full potential.

A success story that stays with me was with a gentleman who was autistic. I worked closely with him to develop his skills and supported him in gaining a college placement. It was a slow process but after eight months of person-centred support, patience and belief, positive results began to transpire.

I truly believe that everybody has the ability to develop their skills no matter how hard the process and journey may be. It is my duty to ensure we identify people we support’s skills and harness them, and support them to reach their full potential. This is why within the homes I have managed I have strongly encouraged  activities, to help us identify people’s strengths, and to help them explore what those may be.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“Skill development isn’t just a priority for people we support, but also for my team. I look forward to continuing working with my team members to equip them with the skills they need to deliver the best possible support. I work to establish three core values I believe in that is; independence, choice, and skill development.

I enjoy watching these values be put into practice by my team, and work daily to plan activities with people we support to develop their skills and social interactions.

Currently we’re planning the first ever holiday with a group of people we support to Lincolnshire. The planning stages of this have been a really heart-warming experience, and the excitement from the individuals is amazing and great to see.”

 What do you see as the challenges?

As I am so activity focused with people we support, Covid-19 presented difficult challenges and disruption to people’s  activity routines. It’s a very big challenge to re-create those routines in a lockdown and to find new activity providers as many shut down permanently.

As a home, we decided to create internal sensory activities and a variety of other activities to substitute for those that they can no longer access.

What motivates you?

My motivation is to ensure that people are treated the way I would want to be treated. I am a devout Christian and the belief and faith in God is all the motivation I need.”

 What has been your greatest achievement with those you support?

My greatest achievements are every day. Watching people we support to develop their skills no matter how big or small. Whether that be making a cup of tea or accessing college placements.

I am proud that as a team we have reduced concerning behaviours and of the support team I have coached and trained to deliver the best support.

 How do you work with family members and relatives?

I ensure that family members are at the core of their support and are involved in the support plans we create.

 Hopes for the future?

I hope to see people we support at this home achieving greater independence and those that want to work are supported to do so and find work. I hope people  require reduced support with everyday tasks through the skills they have learnt. Most of all I hope people we support are able to live their lives without judgement from others”.

How do you get the best out of your team?

I get the best from my team by encouraging continuous training, coaching and transparency. I hold regular meetings to ensure communication is always upheld. I also believe in treating my team and we often have evenings out together.

 How do you motivate/inspire your team?

I have created an open-door policy, where staff are able to come in at any time and discuss anything they wish to do so.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and just helping others in all aspects of my life. I am an Arsenal fan, as controversial as that may be.


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