Matthew’s Lockdown Weight Loss Journey

Check out Matt’s inspirational weight loss journey during lockdown.

Matt has been trying to lose weight for the last 3 years of living at Sail Close but has always struggled with this. He joined slimming world but just seemed to yoyo each week and he found this very frustrating.

When lockdown began Matt made the decision to isolate with his sister near Norwich. His sister has always been a good source of support for him especially when it comes to his weight. Matt’s sister Sarah and her partner motivated him to exercise, eat healthily and have control over his eating habits and before we knew it Matt’s weight began to drop off.

Matt stayed at his sister’s for just over three months and kept in touch with the staff at Sail Close a few times a week discussing what he had been doing and how much weight he had lost. Matt seemed really happy with his progress every time he spoke to staff on the phone and when he returned in July the staff were so shocked at the transformation that had taken place and praised Matt for how good he looked. Matt is determined to keep the weight off now he is back at Sail Close and his sister continues to be a huge motivation for him!

Matt's weight loss in lockdown       Transformation during covid19

Before                                                               After