March Employee of the month

Our Employee of the month for March is Graham Grant, Support Worker at Grange Court in Wiltshire. Congratulations Graham!

Graham’s extensive tenure of over seven years at Grange Court exemplifies his dedication and commitment to the home and those he supports. His longevity in the role not only showcases his loyalty but also signifies his deep understanding of how it runs and the individual needs of those who live there.

One of Graham’s standout qualities is his adeptness at handling difficult situations with grace and professionalism. From diffusing tense interactions between people supported to addressing concerns from family members or managing unexpected emergencies, he consistently demonstrates calmness under pressure.

Moreover, Graham’s willingness to tackle difficult tasks sets him apart as an invaluable asset to the team. He approaches everything with a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of people he supports. Cleaning duties, personal care or maintenance issues are all met with the same can-do approach.

Eager to learn

Despite his years of experience, Graham remains eager to learn and grow in his role. He actively seeks out opportunities for training and skill development, demonstrating a commitment to staying updated on best practices in caregiving and continuously improving his abilities to better support everyone at Grange Court.

Deputy Manager, Joe Baker, says: “Graham’s confidence and eagerness to take on new challenges not only benefit him personally but also inspire and motivate his colleagues. As a role model within the home, he sets a high standard for professionalism, compassion, and dedication, earning the respect and admiration of both team members and people we support.”

Graham said: “‘After working here for so long and working hard to support new activities and development, it has been nice to have my hard work recognised and appreciated. I haven’t decided what to spend the money on yet, but I have a couple of ideas!’

Runners up

Our runners up this month are Alex Deeks, Practice Lead at Grange Court, and Debra Lawes, Bank Support Worker at Mill House in Norfolk.

Alex is nominated for his proactive attitude towards his work and willingness to take on new responsibilities. His involvement in interviews for new team members ensures potential candidates are well-suited to their roles, maintaining high standards at Grange Court. He is also praised for his handling of challenging situations and determination to make a difference.

Debra’s nomination is for her fantastic work in supporting someone at Mill House to achieve his goals. This person’s life has completely changed. From not communicating with team members and isolating himself, he now attends a photography course and art classes at college. He is also moving on to supported living.

Debra has definitely adhered to the company values of Having fun, Making things happen and Being brave.