Kyle’s successful transition to a new home

Kyle has been able to become more independent thanks to person-centred support

Kyle, with support, had made a plan on moving to a supported living service from residential and to become more independent. The team at Achieve together and Kyle’s previous provider created a person-centred transition plan with his input.

Kyle has started to form professional relationships with team members at his new home in The Wirral, and picked his own Key Worker. Kyle planned his welcome party by choosing his own food and music genre to give other people supported and team members knowledge of what he enjoys.  He has expressed that his 5-year plan is to be living independently in the community in a house of his own. Anything is possible and the team will be supporting Kyle with his 5-year plan.

Over the weekend Kyle celebrated his 25th birthday. The team surprised Kyle whilst he was out with his family. He returned to banners, balloons, a card from them all and a cake.

Kyle celebrates his birthday at rivendell Birthday surprise at Rivendell social care service