June Employee of the Month

Madelaine Williams, Practice Lead at one of our Supported Living homes in North West England is our Employee of the Month for June. Well done, Maddy!

Maddy received three nominations for Employee of the Month, all of which speak of her inspirational contribution to the homes in her local area. While she works between two homes, Maddy also helps at others, offering support and guidance to people we support and team members alike.

Describing her as ‘the kindest soul’, one of her nominators said: “She shows she truly cares by the amount of time and effort she puts into making people’s lives better and supporting her team members.”

Putting everyone before herself, Maddy typifies the saying ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure people she supports are living the fullest life possible. A shining example of her #MakingItHappen attitude is the organisation of several regional events in May. These included a very memorable talent show.

The show, which Maddy stepped in to pull off at the last minute, was ‘one of the best days for all involved.’ It was clear that a great deal of care, effort, and attention to detail went into the show’s organisation. A Unity Representative also attended to talk about the co-production of it.

Regional Manager, Diane Newlands, said: “Everyone was dancing and laughing, and the day was tailored to what each person wanted to showcase. It was such an amazing experience – I have been smiling ever since! Maddy went above and beyond to create a magical day for everyone who wanted to attend and made sure the day was fun, with lots of energy.”

Recognised and valued

Maddy says: “It is lovely to feel recognised for work that I have put in to support people across our houses. I feel it is so important to enjoy your job, and to support people to make the most of every day, have fun and make things happen.

“I feel lucky to support the people I do. They are all such amazing individuals and I feel privileged to be a part of their lives, seeing them achieve their goals and dreams and supporting them to be themselves and flourish in all their individualities and talents.

“I am looking to spend the money I receive for this award on a weekend away with my family.”

Runners up

Our runners up for June are Kerry Turton, Support Worker at Clinton Lodge, and Chloe Weeks, Support Worker at Highdowns.

Chloe’s enthusiasm and compassion, as well as her positive attitude, led to several nominations from her team and managers. One said: “She is a great example of the high standards we should all aspire to.”

Chloe has demonstrated great skills in building connections to help a person on a temporary placement feel safe, listened to and respected. At times of challenging behaviour Chloe had identified ways to support them to maintain their safety.

Kerry consistently embodies the core values of Achieve together. She approaches each day with unwavering enthusiasm and determination, tackling challenges head-on with a positive attitude. Her passion for her work is contagious, and it inspires those around her to give their best every day.

One of the aspects that truly sets Kerry apart is her commitment to Valuing Everyone. She recognises and appreciates the unique talents and contributions of each team member, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration