July Manager of the Month

Our Manager of the Month winner for July is Sarah Moss, Home Manager in one of our supported living homes in North West England. Congratulations, Sarah.

It has been a sad time for everyone at the home as they recently lost a lady they supported with Huntington’s, a neurodegenerative disease. Sarah’s leadership and compassion throughout was felt by team members and family. She helped them to create a palliative care package that was ‘individualised, respectful, dignified but most of all centred around her having fun and making memories.’

A family member said: “The service provided by Sarah Moss and her team has been of such a high level it deserves to be recognised. My cousin arrived over a year ago and recently passed away. The difference in care provided from her previous care provider was mind blowing. From day one the team treated her as though she was their friend/family and welcomed her into their lives with open arms and hearts.

“Sarah has been a shoulder to cry on, a voice when ours couldn’t be heard and an unbelievable representative of your company. She has acted with compassion, respect and above all else care. It is evident that Sarah loves the job she does and is respected by her team. She is forever willing to go the extra mile and we are forever in debt for what she has done.”

Above and beyond

A team member was equally appreciative of Sarah’s support. She says: “Sarah built a team around [the person] who loved her for who she is now, who listened to who she was before she got poorly, and helped to be the voice of a person who was losing theirs. She has gone above and beyond as a manager to make sure we, as team members were/are OK. She made sure she kept checking in with me and working together we created the best care plan we could allowing her to move in without a hitch, whilst being aware this plan would change rapidly as Huntington’s took her skills away a little at a time.

“Following our lady’s death, Sarah has made sure we all had a chance to talk about things, arranged a debrief, a balloon release and afternoon tea for the people we support to celebrate the life of their friend. She has a wealth of knowledge with the biggest and kindest heart.”

Sarah says: “It’s an absolute privilege to be the manager here, to be able to work alongside a team to make sure our people are achieving their goals and being brave enough to make things happen.

“Thank you to everyone that I work alongside, for all that you all do. I truly appreciate my nominations and it’s lovely to feel appreciated, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. What an amazing work family we have. This is my favourite part of my Achieve Together journey.”