Joanna explores new territories

Read on to see what Joanna has achieved!

When Joanna moved into her Devon home three years ago, she had never been away on holiday. She had always wanted to stay close to family, not wanting to go further afield, and spent years moving in and out of various services she didn’t want to live in.

After three years of happy living at her Achieve together home, Joanna said she was ready to go away on holiday for the first time. Team members supported her to research and choose her ideal trip – and she chose Pontins in Weston-Super-Mare, due to its wide variety of activities, entertainment, discos, and pier by the seafront.

Home Manager, Paige, said “I asked Jo if she was 100% sure she wanted to go, as she’d changed her mind on previous occasions. She had definitely decided yes, and so I asked her which members of the team she’d like to accompany her.

“I then carefully explained the process of the trip, and reassured her by making an action plan of the trip, and explaining what she would have access to. In the lead-up to the trip, I also did work with Jo to keep her feeling positive, such as helping her buy holiday clothes, and showing her pictures of where she was going, which inspired her.”

The holiday was a real success – Joanna particularly enjoyed dancing every day, and loved engaging with some elderly people who were also there.

Joanna’s placement with Achieve together is the longest she has ever had – she is far calmer, happier, and more settled, thanks to the support of a dedicated team.

Paige said “Joanna is like a different person now. In the past, she wouldn’t engage with us or other people we support, and was generally quite dis-engaged. But now that she’s had more attention since moving in, and going away on holiday, it’s helped her to stay positive, grow in confidence, and gain more independence. She’s now happy to explore going outside her comfort zone too!”