Valley Road, Residential Home, Hampshire

  • Residential
  • Hampshire
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions, Behaviours that may challenge, Dementia, Mental Health

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About this home

Valley Road stands out as a specialist residential home supporting adults with diverse needs, including learning disabilities, mental health challenges, behaviors that may challenge, and dementia. The home’s achievements and strides in supporting people are noteworthy:

  • Fostered close partnerships with the local Health Team, facilitating swift responses during residents’ crises.
  • Enabled one person supported to extend their stay longer than in any previous home, showcasing innovative behavior management.
  • Constructed a purpose-built annexe for a person supported with behaviors that may challenge, resulting in two incident-free years.

Valley Road cultivates a nurturing environment where people supported thrive and evolve together. Its welcoming ambiance is palpable, often prompting visitors to remark, “It feels like a home as soon as you enter the front door!”

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Who we support

  • Adults
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Behaviours that may challenge
  • Dementia
  • Mental Health


  • Accessibility - Wheelchair/Lift/Stair Lift
  • Garden/Outside Space

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