The Droveway, Residential Home, Brighton and Hove

  • Residential
  • Brighton & Hove
  • Complex Health Needs, Epilepsy, Learning Disabilities, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, Restricted Mobility

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About this home

The Droveway is a specialist residential home for adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), physical disabilities and complex health needs, including epilepsy. People are supported to develop individualised and accessible person-centred plans and health action plans that promote increased choice, control over their lives and independence.

The experienced team works in partnership with families, carers, advocates and public service professionals to ensure that the support provided is proactive and appropriate.

The communication approach enables team members to implement individualised communication strategies for people with severe communication and sensory difficulties.  People are supported to make choices and increase their independence using a wide range of communication methods, including intensive interaction, hand-over-hand support, communication aids such as ping pong head switches, eye movements and facial expressions.

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Who we support

  • Adults
  • Complex Health Needs
  • Epilepsy
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities
  • Restricted Mobility


  • Accessibility - Wheelchair/Lift/Stair Lift

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