Supported Living in Greenwich

  • Supported Living Services
  • London - Greenwich
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions, Epilepsy, Mental Health, Moderate Learning Disabilities

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About this home

This home, located in Greenwich, is a specialist-supported living home for adults with autism and or learning disabilities, mental health needs, including personality disorders and behaviours that may challenge.

People are supported to develop person-centred plans that promote increased choice and control over their lives and independence whilst focusing on recovery and relapse prevention.

Our dedicated Clinical Team works in partnership with people supported, their families and wider circles of support to identify the support people require with regard to physical, emotional, cultural, cognitive and communication needs.

This home’s profile number is 198.

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Who we support

  • Adults
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Mental Health
  • Moderate Learning Disabilities


  • Garden/Outside Space
  • Self Contained Flats
  • Wet Rooms

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03301 755 332

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