Hersham Gardens’ Outstanding CQC rating

Why Hersham Gardens received an ‘outstanding’ rating in their CQC inspection

This week we’d like to congratulate Hersham Gardens in Surrey, who received an ‘Outstanding’ on their CQC inspection last year. The staff there have shown incredible care and dedication to the people they support, and they deserve this fantastic achievement.

The CQC inspection was especially impressed with the choice, promotion of independence and inclusion that Hersham Gardens presents. The report stated ‘people with learning disabilities and autism using the service can live as ordinary a life as any citizen’. The report particularly emphasises that ‘ there was a vibrant, creative and inclusive atmosphere at the service. People took the lead on decisions about all aspects of their care and activities. There was a strong focus on achieving goals and positive outcomes for people.’

The report was particularly complimentary towards the home manager, saying that she ‘went beyond expectations to improve people’s lives’

Here are some extracts from the CQC report:

‘The service was exceptionally caring’

‘People lived in an inclusive atmosphere in which they worked together with staff to achieve outcomes. Staff exceeded expectations in supporting people to reach goals’

‘People were supported to develop skills and independence which had caused positive improvements to their lives’

‘People received care that was personalised’

‘The service was exceptionally well led’

‘Staff went beyond the expectations of their roles to work with people and achieve positive outcomes. We saw evidence of staff and people working together to achieve outcomes for each other.’

Here are some examples of the things that the people we support at Hersham Gardens get up to:

  • Fundraising for autism awareness day
  • voluntary work like litter picking
  • they have a hot tub in their back garden so often spend afternoons there
  • one person we support at Hersham Gardens won slimmer of the year at Slimming World

Congratulations to all staff members at Hersham Gardens for their commitment, dedication and high quality care.

To read the full report, please click here