Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

We firmly believe that by providing our team members with the opportunity to build careers which are rewarding and fulfilling, we’re laying the foundations for their very best work.

One way we can prove that we are dedicated to fulfilling our vision is in demonstrating our commitment to equality and diversity, an example of which is gender pay.

The mid-point earnings for men and women were exactly the same and in comparing it to a national average gap of 15.5% in 2020, it shows we’re serious about creating an environment where every team member feels valued and supported.

We’re conscious there’s no room for complacency, which is why we continue to strive for improvement when it comes to retaining outstanding talent.

We continually invest in internal opportunities for our teams, supporting development and career opportunities to maximise the retention of our fantastic team members.


Proportion of males/females in each quartile pay band

Lower QuartileLower Middle Quartile
Upper Middle Quartile Upper Quartile

Below is a table which provides an overview of our analysis.


Summary of Gender Pay Gap calculations % Finding
Mean gender pay gap 1.9% Females paid fractionally more across the company
Median gender pay gap 0.0% Mid point earnings are the same for males and females
Mean Bonus gender pay gap 14.9% Majority of managers are female
Median Bonus gender pay gap 9.9% Mid point bonuses are higher in favour of females due to the effect of above