Fiifi’s campaign for charity

Fiifi has been campaigning for the Stay Up Late charity, supporting people with learning disabilities

Fiifi recently met with the ‘Stay Up Late’ charity based in Brighton, and created a presentation for their conference. Fiifi had decided to become an ambassador for the charity to promote the Stay Up Late campaign. The campaign focuses on making sure people with disabilities lead an active and fun social life and the kind of lifestyle they want to live. The aim of the campaign is for people to make their own decisions about how they spend their time and not have their evenings cut short because of the inflexible rotas of support teams or residential homes locking their doors at 10pm.

This raises awareness that teams should be flexible around their shift times, and happy to support any type of evening activity, rather than worrying about what time their shifts finish. It is based on promoting individuals’ rights to lead a ‘normal’ life.

At the conference, Fiifi had the courage to stand up in front of 250 people and pay tribute to his late mother, in remembrance of her.

Working with the charity has helped Fiifi to make new friends, and feel part of a community.  He is also promoting sport, and has been raising money for the charity by putting on a snooker event at the local snooker club.

As a result of all this, Fiifi has become much more confident, and his communication has improved significantly. One of his support team said “Fiifi has overcome so much in his life. He’s a real asset to us, an inspiration, and role model to the other people we support – showing them that anything can be achieved!” Recently, Fiifi organised the Stay Up Late Halloween Party, which raised money and awareness for the campaign. Amazing work Fiifi, well done!


Our residents supporting the stay up late campaignFiifi from Upper Selsdon home speaks about the stay up late campaign The stay up late campaign encourages equal enjoyment of life for the people we support