February Manager of the Month

Our February Manager of the Month is Zena Pout – congratulations on your award.

Zena Pout is Service Manager at two homes in East Sussex. She has made a tangible difference to working life for the team since her arrival. Importantly, she has also made a difference for those that live at the homes and is a strong advocate for them, too. Thank you, Zena.


Rachel Boulter is described by a team member as ‘the best manager I have ever had’, who says: “She goes above and beyond by supporting all the people we support and the team. She always takes the time to value each and every one of us and keeping us going.”

Another nominee for February is Naomi Paul, who receives her award for her work as a Manager during a challenging year. Naomi is always smiling and seeing the positive, developing relationships with people we support, family, colleagues and professionals. She is also always on hand for any advice and support.

Well done to everyone for all your hard work and great outcomes.